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Cigo Pay

Earn more without doing more.

Create a Cigo Pay account today and start receiving bonuses for a job well done from your happy customers.

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How Cigo Pay makes it easy to earn more

1. Sign Up

If your organization uses Cigo Tracker, sign up to Cigo Pay in just a few minutes.

2. Link

Via the Cigo Tracker app, once your account has been approved, link your Cigo Pay identity.

3. Earn Tips

As you fulfill work orders through the app, earn tips!

Earn more, today

With Cigo Pay, do the same work you've already been doing, and earn more tips doing it. Link your Cigo Pay user on the Cigo Tracker app, and you're earning more without doing more.

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Linking into the App

After logging into the Cigo Tracker app, you can easily link your Cigo Pay user right from the side-menu!

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Fair play, tips are split evenly

Are you working with a partner on your day-to-day deliveries? No worries, tips are split evenly for every work order completed.

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What is Cigo Tracker?

An innovative cloud solution to increase deliveries, service calls or pick-ups, scale efficiently and provide your customers with a perfect last-mile delivery experience.

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